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Real Smiles Dental Implant Centers use the latest in Modern Technology to restore our patients smile in a comfortable, warm, and friendly environment. Using the knowledge acquired from over 40 years of research, Real Smiles can often return our patients to their full dental function in as little as one day. Thousands of patients across the world have experienced the benefits of dental implants. It is currently the only way to replace missing teeth to their natural form and function. Implants are placed into the patient’s mouth and then a replacement tooth is attached. For three or more missing teeth, or the denture patient, multiple implants are placed and a bridge is fixed over the top. In addition to the Esthetic benefits that implants offer, they are also important to the patients overall health. Extensive studies have shown when a person is missing one or more teeth their nutritional health is diminished. So make an appointment today and let the experts at Real Smiles show you how you can regain your smile.

types of implants
All On 4

All-on-4™ If you are missing all of your teeth or faced with losing your teeth this is the treatment most patients choose. With the All-On-4™ patients can often be seen in the morning and go home that night with Fixed Teeth. See the Video to learn more or give us a call.

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Single Implant

Single Missing Tooth If you are missing just one tooth or have been told you need a tooth removed, this choice has tremendous benefits over a traditional bridge. Unlike a bridge that requires the adjoining teeth to be ground down, an implant restores your smile to its natural appearance and function without disturbing your other teeth. See the video to learn more or give us a call.

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Lower Denture Loose and Painful An implant retained "Over Denture" is the choice many patients make. While not as permanent as the All-On-4™, an Over Denture can dramatically improve your ability to eat the food you love without the normal discomfort of a traditional denture. See the video or give us a call.

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